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Occupational Therapy

• Goal is to improve a child’s ability to perform his/her occupation as a student

• Assess what is impacting a child’s ability to perform efficiently in the classroom setting

• Areas of difficulty may include handwriting, fine motor skills, visual perceptual skills, muscle strength, attention and organization skills

• Uses multisensory goal directed approach

Individual Treatment 

• Specialize in providing Occupational Therapy to preschool and school aged children with handwriting, attention, and organizational issues

• Travel to each child’s school or home setting for therapy sessions

• Perform assessments to determine child’s strengths and limitations

• Communicate with parents, teachers, and therapists to facilitate a team approach

• Implement multisensory activities to expand skills needed for success in the classroom

• Strive to build each child’s self confidence and outlook on learning

Consultation Services

• Develop and present in-services to parents and teachers on topics including Occupational Therapy, Handwriting, Sensory Processing and Savvy Solutions, and Nutrition

• Screen preschool children in nursery schools to determine appropriate referrals

Savvy Suggestions for School Success
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